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Are you looking for an opportunity to help you move into leadership roles both in ASCLS and in your career?  How about a way to network with other committed professionals who are as passionate as you?  Would you like the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who are leaders in our field?  If any of this sounds appealing to you then the Region V Leadership Academy is for you.

Admission to the Region V Leadership Academy will be through a competitive application process.  
The application deadline is August 31st!

ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy – the who, what why, where and how??

WHO: Region V and YOU!!

ASCLS Region V has a wonderful opportunity that is available to any ASCLS member from Region V - an opportunity to pursue leadership, professionalism, management and self-knowledge. It provides the opportunity to do it all with others who are going through the same process and with others who will help to guide and assist you in the journey.

WHAT: Leadership and Professionalism

The ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy’s goal is to provide a structured regional Leadership Academy that will prepare members to become future leaders in ASCLS and within the profession of Medical Laboratory Science, as well as, being able to apply the concepts to one’s own personal and individual development.

The ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy helps develop our participants to succeed not only in leadership roles within ASCLS but to succeed in life by developing personal and life application skills. Of the 10 graduates since the program’s inception, 4 have gone on to lead their respective states as ASCLS presidents, several have been involved in ASCLS at state, regional and national levels and many have become leaders in their own institutions.

WHERE: Keeping it within the Region

The Academy goes from October to October with very minimal time away from home and thus, less cost for the participant. Plus, the host state societies assist their participants with expenses. Having the academy within the region also allows the participants to develop a network of professional mentors and friends close to home.

HOW: Fill out an Application

Look around and identify ASCLS members who have the potential to become leaders. It might be a person you work with, it might be that member that you touch base with at your state meeting, it might be YOU!!

Pass along or fill out an application and return by August 31st.

Follow the website below to find out more info or reach out to your state president if you have any questions.

Our Mission:


The ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy will provide guidance, education and resources at a regional level to prepare ASCLS members for leadership roles in ASCLS, within the profession and the workplace.



1.      Provide a structured regional Leadership Academy that will prepare our members to become future leaders in ASCLS
and within the profession of Medical Laboratory Science

2.      Identify members with potential to become leaders in ASCLS
and invest in their growth and development

3.      Provide the Leadership Academy participants with resources, skills and knowledge to prepare them and allow them to succeed in leadership roles

Benefits to the Participant:

1.      Gain confidence to step into leadership roles

2.      Enhance personal and professional knowledge and skills to be successful

3.      Have opportunities to be mentored by and learn from ASCLS leaders

4.      Broaden professional network of friends and peers within ASCLS

5.      Acquire experience to identify and successfully achieve goals


Benefits to ASCLS:

1.      Develop strong leaders that generate excitement, enthusiasm
and commitment to the organization and  the profession

2.      Shape the future of the organization and the profession at large

3.      Increase passion for ASCLS locally, regionally, and nationally

4.      Increase the pool of future leaders at all levels of the organization


Curriculum Summary:

The following topics will be covered during the 12-month Leadership Academy:


History of ASCLS

 Professional Advocacy

Leadership and Communication Styles

Recruitment Strategies

Goals and Strategic Planning Leadership Book Discussions

Organization Skills/Time Management 

Group team building projects

Conflict Management

Participation in meetings

Conducting Successful Meetings

Other timely topics as appropriate



P.A.C.E™ continuing education credits will be awarded for each session completed.




ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy Candidate application instructions


Admission to the ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy will be through a competitive application process.  Candidates must agree to a commitment of personal time and effort over 12 months in addition to a financial commitment for travel expenses to attend Leadership Academy workshops and activities.  The types and availability of possible funding sources will be described if accepted into the Leadership Academy. 


Candidates selected will be required to certify their intention to commit to: 

  • Attending the two required fall ASCLS Region V  2-Day Symposiums that have predetermined scheduled  Leadership Academy class sessions. 

  • Attending the 1-day scheduled Leadership Academy retreat.  The retreat will be held at a location to be determined and convenient for the participants. 

  • Attending all scheduled class conference calls.  2-5 conference calls will be scheduled throughout the year and each will last approximately 90 minutes.  Pre and post-assignments for the conference calls are also required. 

  • Time commitment:  The time necessary for successful completion of the program requirements. 


While there is no charge to participate in the Region V Leadership Academy program for members from Region V, travel and meeting registration costs should be considered when applying.  Fees for participants outside the Region V Collaborative will be assessed a registration fee of $120.00.

Candidate Eligibility:

Candidate must be an ASCLS Professional member (Professional 1, Professional 2 or First Year Professional) in good standing at the time the Leadership Academy begins and the following year of class graduation. Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by any current ASCLS member. ASCLS Student Members may apply for the Leadership Academy if they will be renewing as a First Year Professional during the ASCLS annual renewal cycle prior to the
Leadership Academy class begin date.



Applications will be considered complete once all application documents have been received:

  1. Completed Applicant Form (including all sections and essay questions)

  2. Two (2) completed recommendation forms and letters of recommendation


Recommendation Forms and Letters:

Candidates are required to submit two (2) recommendation forms and letters of recommendation with their applications. The recommendation form is included with the application form. References should come from individuals who have held or currently hold leadership roles in ASCLS, their communities, workplaces, and/or other volunteer organizations, and can speak knowledgeably about the applicants experience, strengths, weaknesses and potential as a leader.

Application Instructions:

The application form, responses to essay questions, recommendation forms and letters of recommendation are to be submitted in one electronic application packet. If necessary, references/recommendations can be sent separately by individuals completing the forms. Forms coming directly from references should be sent to Ali Nussbaum
at    Candidates are responsible, however, for ensuring that these items reach ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy Committee by the application deadline below. Forms received after the due date will cause the entire application package to be ruled ineligible.

In order for your application to be considered, ASCLS Region V Leadership Academy committee must receive all completed materials by the application deadline of June 1 of current application year.  Incomplete applications or applications received after this date will not be considered.

If possible, all materials should be gathered into one complete package and emailed to 
Ali Nussbaum at

If you have any questions, please contact Ali Nussbaum.

  Receipt of complete applications will be acknowledged by email.

All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status

no later than August 31st of current application year

ASCLS National Leadership Academy:


This program is designed to foster leadership skills and

commitment to ASCLS in its members.

The one-year program, designed for a select group of ASCLS members,

includes a variety of learning opportunities.

Participants must:

Attend Leadership Academy activities in conjunction with
ASCLS annual meetings

Attend Legislative Symposium in Washington, DC

Participate in a series of conference calls to develop
and perfect leadership skills

Complete a Leadership Academy Program Project and

present findings at the ASCLS Annual Meeting

For more information on the current process for selecting to the Leadership Academy see ASCLS website:

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