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The ASCLS--‐MN Mentor/Mentee Program is a great new FREE benefit available to members of ASCLS! Whether you are looking for a specific shadowing opportunity, tips for preparing for the Board of Certification (BOC), a dose of uplifting encouragement and validation, or anything in between – we are here to help! Best of all, this program is built to offer a personalized experience for everyone involved. Once enrolled, we work with you to identify your areas of interest and match you up with an experienced laboratory professional who can best address your specific needs. In addition to the opportunity for face-to-face experiences, mentors may be available through email and phone to best accommodate your busy schedules!

Mentors can look forward to:

  • Playing a part in a student’s success

  • Sharing knowledge that comes with experience

  • Being a personal cheerleader for a young member

  • Inspiring students to get involved in specific areas of the laboratory profession

  • Much More!

Mentees can look forward to:

  • Tips for job applications and BOC exams

  • Exciting shadowing opportunities

  • Helpful study habits

  • Sincere encouragement and support

  • Much More!


To inquire about becoming a mentor or a mentee,
please contact Charlotte Romain:

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