Scholarships for Students Enrolled in Laboratory Professions Programs

There are several scholarships available to students enrolled in accredited programs. 

At the state level, students must be enrolled in a MLS/MT or MLT program in Minnesota. 

There are also many scholarships at the national level open to students

throughout the United States.


The majority of the scholarships require the following:

Enrolled in an accredited program

GPA 2.7 or better

In final year of study

Demonstration of financial need

Demonstration of leadership and community activities


State Level
The Minnesota scholarships are sponsored by ASCLS-MN (includes Clausson Fund and Elizabeth Panning Scholarship) and Minnesota Society of Pathologists (MSP). 

These scholarships are available to MLS/MT and MLT students. 

The application and recommendation form can be downloaded below.

National Scholarships


The scholarships that are available through national organizations are open to MLS/MT; MLT; HT; CT; and Phlebotomy students.  Specific requirements can be reviewed at their respective websites. will direct you to the scholarships offered by ASCP, available to CT, HT, HTL, Phlebotomist, MLT, MLS and MT. 

The Siemens scholarships are also handled by ASCP, which include fifty scholarships of $1000 each for MLS/MT students and fifty scholarships for MLT students.

MNABB Scholarship

2019 ASCLS Scholarship Recipients

“The ASCLS-MN Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that 7 Minnesota MLT and MLS students have been named recipients of scholarship awards totaling $5500.00.  Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship recipients.”

Hayley McCormack


My name is Hayley McCormack. I am a Medical Laboratory Science student at the University of Minnesota entering my clinical rotations this fall. I was drawn to the profession of MLS because I have a love for science and helping others, and this field offers me a chance to immerse myself in both of those passions. I am excited to begin my clinical rotations this fall and gain real world experience in different clinical labs. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, practicing yoga and meditation, and hiking in the beautiful Minnesota regional parks.


Briana Olson



My name is Briana Olson. I am currently an ASCP certified Medical Laboratory Tech. I have been working in this field for 5 years between two hospitals, one of them having the busiest Emergency Department in the Twin Cities. I am currently starting my last semester at St. Cloud State University to complete my Bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Science. I have chosen to further my education in order to better serve my community and to continue to grow in my career. I grew up in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and currently live in Blaine, Minnesota. I am also recently married with 2 dogs.


Heidi Igo


As a former middle school science teacher, I look forward to using that background as a medical laboratory technician.  I am one year in to the two-year program, and am excited to complete my final semester at Saint Paul College, complete my clinical experience, and finally gain employment in a clinic or hospital.      


Julia Hudgens


My name is Julia Hudgens and I am from Lino Lakes, MN. I learned about the MLS profession through my aunt who was an MT. Once she explained the profession to me I knew it was a perfect fit. I was drawn to the profession because I would get to practice my love of science while also helping people. Being a part of ASCLS really brings a sense of community to our occupation. I can't wait to join fellow MLS professionals as I finish up my clinical experience and enter the workforce.


Ali Hassan


My name is Ali Hassan; a 20-year-old male born and raised in Minnesota. I graduated from Smiley High school in 2016 and joined the class of 2020 at the University of Minnesota-Twin cities the following fall. Currently, I am an upcoming senior studying Medical Laboratory Science. Moving forward I hope that I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the health care field as a health care professional. I plan to work in the medial lab and pressure a higher education and work in a research lab as well. This will give me the opportunity to give back and help patient health directly in the clinical lab. Additionally, by working in the research lab, I will be able to work actively in furthering our understanding of human pathology with this knowledge hopes to help better laboratory techniques that are used in the clinical labs. This will hopefully lead to increased accuracy, precision and faster turn around times this will ultimately help to increase the quality of health care in the United States. There are also other endless possibilities that one can pressure in the medical laboratory profession such as helping to provide care in underdeveloped areas. Overall I chose this field due to the endless possibilities and the rewarding work, and hope that in the future that my colleagues and I will be able to make a meaningful change in how healthcare is distributed. I would like to thank ASCLS-MN scholarship committee. With there support I hope that I will be able to give back in the future and make meaningful changes to the biomedical sciences.  

Quynh Ngo

My name is Quynh Ngo. I came from Vietnam. It has been five years since I first came to the U.S to pursue a better education. I started off not knowing what I wanted to become. My host dad was the one who guided me to the field when there were so many options in medicine. As I pursue my degree in the MLS program, I realize that my life has turned to a very right direction. Studying in a multi-disciplined field like MLS, I further advance my critical thinking skill in problem solving. I love the way the tests can tell how sick a patient is. I love streaking the agar, searching under the microscope, differentiating blood cells. I love the connection between all elements in the human body. The knowledge I gain in the program also forms a mighty foundation for me to understand various medical research. When I graduate, I would love to work as a generalist to sharpen my skills while keeping my work in the research lab. Later, I hope to obtain a PhD degree which allows me to make even bigger impacts and pass on what I’ve learned to the new generation of lab scientists.


Abdi Farrah

My name is Abdi Farah and as an asclsmn scholarship recipient, I would like to thank you for selecting me as one of your recipients. As a Medical Laboratory student, this scholarship will make education my top priority and ease my worries about financial stability. Therefore, I will use this generous donation to aid in my education endeavors as a medical professional. This scholarship validates the fact that I made the right decision pursuing a medical laboratory scientist degree because of strong-willed supporters such as yourself who make it possible for us undergraduate students to worry about the educational aspect of school rather than the financial. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you again for this once in a lifetime opportunity and I would like to show you through my future achievements that you made the right decision investing in me.

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